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Ladbrokes is a highly trusted online sportsbook that began its life many moons ago on the British high street.  It is the most popular sports betting site in the UK and also prides itself on operating one of the leading online casinos and poker sites.

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History of Ladbrokes

While Ladbrokes may have reverted to more “down to Earth” methods of advertising of late, the business’s history actually lies in British aristocracy. The company began in 1886 when they were seen as affiliates to Ladbroke Hall, a horse racing stable that offered its training services to racehorse owners. In 1902 the company finally adopted the Ladbrokes name and moved its headquarters to England’s capital city, London.


The business continued to expand over the next few years, developing a huge client base via exclusive gentlemen’s clubs, country clubs and various other haunts of the rich and famous that resided in and around London. In 1919 Ladbrokes took the bold move of the pointing a woman to handle the betting that took place at the trackside. This was almost unheard of at the time but turned out to be a master stroke she increase revenue, profits and kept the punters happy. In 1928 Mrs Helen Vernet was promoted to partner for all of her good work, a position she maintained until the mid-1950s when she passed away.



Between 1945 and 1961 Ladbrokes struggled to maintain their position as one of the U.K.’s top bookmakers, primarily due to the austerity measures that were in place following the Second World War. It also did not help that Mrs Helen Vernet was also no longer with the company that she had driven forward for the better part of 30 years. With Ladbrokes in such a critical condition they saw little reason not to sell Mark Stein and his nephew, Cyril Stein, offered them £100,000 for the company.

In the end it turned out to be an incredible deal for the Stein’s as just five short years later the government opened up the door for high street betting shops, where as we all know Ladbrokes made their millions. In 1966, after just five years of trading in the public eye, Ladbrokes was floated onto the London stock exchange, where was valued at £1 million during its IPO.


Since then Ladbrokes have continued to go from strength to strength, only really struggling when a series of results went against them. By the time that Cyril Stein had retired in 1993 he had acquired Vernons Football Pools, the world’s first and most popular football pool, and raise the total value of Ladbrokes to almost £2 billion. The company now maintain a lion share of the UK gambling market and continue to innovate and lead the industry with their new ventures, which are now predominantly online.

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